This is about you as well as me...

A Sustainability Copywriter  With a Difference...

I help mission-led people, brands, or businesses to ethically monetise their story, elevate their brand voice and make meaningful money in their own unique way.  

Feel empowered to…

Reach your ideal clients, drive traffic to your website, and grow your business in a way that makes a difference in the world.

When your copy compels... it sells... and then EVERYTHING changes.

Let's Stop & Think About You for a Minute

After all, you're the reason I'm here...

If your aspirations involve becoming a mission-led entrepreneur and pursuing work that ignites your passion (whilst protecting the planet) then taking action is an absolute must.

Embrace the journey ahead by serving your true calling, fulfilling your life’s purpose, and achieving your dreams.

A lot of hard work and sheer determination has got you this far...

My mission is to inspire you to express the words that will shine a light on your brand, product, business, or service. 

Together, we will create compelling and captivating copy that will lead you to your ideal customers and target audience.

A Sustainability Copywriter for Ethical Brands, Businesses or Services

It’s true….’green’ is the new ‘black’ and people are willing to pay more for sustainable products

These conscious consumers of yours, aren’t just looking for a solution to their problems...they want more.

They want to know that you are someone dedicated to their cause...putting the planet first…and that you ‘walk the walk’ and ‘talk the talk’. 

Maybe you are (Nice one by the way)

But, here’s the thing…

Your brand needs to convey your environmental mission and message. 

I want to ask you something…hand on heart....can you honestly say that your eco-friendly brand does this?

If not, then investing in a sustainability copywriter is one of the smartest moves you will ever make.

Why? Because not being able to find the words shouldn’t stop you from creating the business of your dreams by sharing your sustainability promise, and making money and a meaningful impact along the way, 

If you’re a new and aspiring entrepreneur looking to start a business in the sustainability sector and you’re struggling with...

  • Sharing your remarkable and inspirational story in a way that compels and sells
  • Expressing your meaningful mission in a  customer-centered way
  • Revealing your BIG powerful purpose to preserve and protect the planet, give back through charitable programs, or enrich a community… 

Perhaps your copy just isn’t pulling its weight...

… Do any of these situations sound familiar?

You have an incredible product but no buyers.

Your service has the potential to transform lives whilst protecting the planet, yet no one seems to be reaching out.

Your website is beautifully designed, but you're struggling to attract traffic.

“The fact is, pretty websites don’t sell things. Words sell things” 

Donald Miller, Author, Building A Story Brand

Shake the sustainability space... One carefully crafted word at a time

You’re experiencing a feeling of ‘Imposter Syndrome’ because the words you are  using in your messaging.. just don’t feel like you.

You believe in your superb business or idea, but it remains unknown to the world.

The real game-changer lies in understanding the art of writing words for the web and knowing how to use them to amplify your message, generate sales, and make a positive impact.

This is where I come in as The Copy Advocate...

If you can relate to any of this then just know, you’re not alone. 

Writing captivating words that lead to growth, trip up a lot of small business owners in the sustainable space. 

But this doesn’t have to be the case for you..

I can help.

We’ll look at ways you can attract your ideal clients and find the right words to get your message and mission across to your target audience in an authentic and powerful way.

This link will lead the way...

The depth and introspection of this woman is second to none. Her ability to take your voice and advocate with the written word in the best and most compelling way is truly a gift.

Claire Deadman as my CopyAdvocate? 110%

Karin Priou

Project Your Polarising Power

Your personality and your mission are the magnetic force that sets you apart, it cannot be replicated.

When you infuse your copy with your unique persona and incredible mission, you render your copy uncopyable. 

Let’s do this...

I am a champion of people’s dreams, a supporter of their cause and a confidante in their time of need. I want you to stand out from the crowd. 

If you are wanting to make a  huge difference and be the type of person that leaves a dent in the world, then I am the copywriting girl for you.

"An ethical copywriter writes about someone else's business as if it's their own"

Claire Deadman a.k.a. The Copy Advocate

Before I Forget... ...Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Today, I write creative, brand-centred copy for my clients specialising in delivering copy that compels and sells in the area of brand story, website copy and blogging.

My love for sustainability and making a positive impact in this world made working with equally passionate and driven human beings, a total no-brainer.

Supporting them in finding the right words and copywriting gameplan to launch or reignite their sustainability businesses is a dream come true. 

But this wasn’t always the case. In fact… 

It was my husband who suggested copywriting...

Writing blogs, emails, articles, content, social media messages…(I hadn’t the foggiest what he was talking about) but… 

I was intrigued…..another change of direction I thought. (Because here’s the thing… This wasn’t the first time I’d pivoted, changed course, explored something new…) 

I left University with a Teaching degree

I started my journey as a Teacher in a Mainstream Primary School

Then the unexpected happened…           


'I see my role as a specialist copywriter as similar to my role as a specialist teacher in education for the past 20+ years' 

'I’m as committed to advocating for the people, brands, and businesses  who want to make their mark on the world.’

You're here for a reason...

Chances are, you’ve stumbled upon my website because you have a meaningful mission, inspiring story, or passion-driven business (or one in the making) that you want to share with the world…

… If you can relate to this then just know you’re not alone. Many people reach out because they feel the exact same way. They have big goals to hit, remarkable stories and experiences to share with their audience or a business that stands for something of value. 

They don't lack talent, grit, drive or ambition

But they are struggling to get seen and heard - much like the young people I have worked with in my role in education. 

They need to attract their ideal clients but they can’t find the right words to get their message and their mission across to their target audience. 

Why Sustainability?

Because as well as writing, that’s what I’m most passionate about.

I’m a lass who grew up in the Kentish countryside, spending weekends on the family farm, running around wild and free, building camps and tending to animals.

I love the outdoors,...I’m a country bumpkin at heart, not a city girl.

I strongly admire those who are self-sufficient and just pack up to go and live off grid..

Someone very special to me once said..

“If you take from the earth…you have to put something back”

We are all becoming increasingly aware of how our actions can negatively affect the planet - and more of us are making positive changes to try to do our bit to protect the environment. 

In fact, more brands than ever are offering ways to help us live more sustainably and are committed to making a difference. 

Maybe this is you?

It’s a wilderness out there…To be able to write compelling copy together, we need to be on the same page… This is how things work on my turf...


Be The Best That You Can Possibly Be

This is about being open to new ideas, thinking outside of the box and stepping right out of your comfort zone. Remember….you are here, because you are ready to transform. 

Be Yourself

Let people see you basking in your true light, be the person that shares your gifts with the world in a way that is authentic, honest and completely transparent.

It’s About the Process Before We Can Reach The End Result.

In order to produce brilliant results, we need to set off on a journey in order to reach that destination. In copywriting, this journey is about asking questions, researching, planning, drafting, re-drafting….it is a process, one that is about achieving quality. 

Self Belief And Trust

This is your chosen path, your idea being set in motion….trust your instincts and take that leap of faith. It is important to be kind to yourself as well as others along the way.

Compassion And Respect

Treating others the way you would like to be treated yourself is key. Always listen and understand. Always think before you act. People will remember your words and your actions. 

The Relaxed Fit

Tailoring clients' needs is important. They need to feel valued, appreciated, and listened to without fear of judgment…. While there needs to be an excellent fit between the two, one that is relaxed will promote warmth, openness, and engagement. 

Imagine the dream...

You and your best friend stroll along a picturesque beach. As you pause to soak in the breathtaking view, your friend turns to you and brings up that business idea you've been mentioning for ages.

Surprising her with a confident smile, you reach into your bag and pull out a tablet. Excitement fills your voice as you show her your newly launched website.

You can't contain your enthusiasm. For the next hour, you share passionately with your friend all the incredible progress you've made. You talk animatedly about your mission to protect the planet, the growing number of followers on your social media, the enthusiastic responses from your email subscribers, the successful eco-products you've sold, and the glowing reviews from satisfied customers.

Not to mention you are now B-Corp certified and supporting a charitable programme that is close to your heart.

As you walk along the beach, your friend can't help but notice the newfound sense of fulfilment and purpose radiating from you. You've transformed into a person who's living their dream.