Elevate & Transform Your Business With Sustainable Copywriting

Your Copy needs to reach your ideal clients, drive traffic to your website, and grow your business in a way that makes a difference in the world.

All while you stay true to your ethical values.

"Since working with Claire, one thing is apparent... her passion for sustainability.

She really cares about the planet and makes sure she works with those who are also committed to a sustainable future. 

Her creativity and her ability to share a story and take you on a journey is unique. 

Definitely, a special person to work with...  One who will promote your cause or brand with humility".

Tracey Dawson

No longer settling for small actions... you recognise your incredible potential


Your skill, talent, product, or service holds the ability to bring happiness to your customers and guide them toward their envisioned better selves. 

You have the ability to make this happen, but… 

Your unique contribution needs to have your unique voice. So before your customers can embrace what you offer, they need to embrace your journey to embrace you.

That’s why I’m excited to help you craft your sustainability story and make your message clear in a way that is authentic, using writing techniques and ethical strategies that naturally draw your customers to connect with you.


Is this the kinda stuff that’s keeping you up at night?

Here’s what truly matters to me...

How many people are visiting your website?

How many are downloading your free guide?

How many are joining your email list?

How many are making purchases of your products?

How many are booking a call with you?

How many are becoming repeat customers and referring their friends to you?

How many are actively engaging with your emails, signing up for your newsletters, and joining you on your mission or program?

Let me reassure you...

… If you can relate to this then just know that you are not alone. It isn’t talent or determination that you are lacking….it’s the words.

As the Copy Advocate, I can help you.

Here’s how…

My specialist copywriting services are designed to empower people, brands, and businesses with copywriting tools, insights, and strategies so they stop feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about what to write. 

If you need to attract ideal clients but can’t find the right words to get your message and your mission across to your target audience, then get in touch and book a call.

Amplify your Brand Story With The Use of Compelling Copywriting

Consciously crafted by a copywriter with her finger on the pulse when it comes to sustainability

Website Copy

Together, we’ll define your brand story and craft a compelling narrative that showcases your brand’s essence, highlights your services, and resonates with your ideal clients. 

Price from £500

Blog Posts

Create a more engaging website for your brand by including a blog section that will inform, engage, or entertain consumers about topics relevant to your field. 

2 SEO Optimised Blogs

£500 per month

With You For The Journey...

Remember “It’s the journey and not the destination that is most important”

Working closely with clients and building close connections is how I work best in order to deliver the best results. 

The importance of deeply understanding the core values, mission and USP of the brands I team up with is just one reason why I’m not a fan of Fast Copy. 

There’s no ‘Wham Bam, Thank You Ma'am’ approach to the copy I write.

That’s why, as part of my Blogging Package I like to work for clients for at least 3 months. 

I find this to be a perfect amount of time to craft highly engaging and SEO-rich (but conversational) blog posts.

Posts that are jam-packed with valuable content - enough for you to repurpose as social media content - which requires research and cross-referencing to ensure every word on the page earns its right to be there. 

3 months gives my clients and myself time to collect enough data and feedback on the posts. 

This allows me to carry out a number-backed assessment of how the posts are performing. 

There are loads of incredible reasons why I work and support my clients in this way… All of which I’d be happy to divulge to you on a call…

Exciting times ahead!

What steps will we need to take along the way?

Let the Journey Begin... 

Step 1

Jump on a Call

By answering some questions beforehand, we can devote the whole 40 mins to discussing your project and goals.

We’ll create an action plan.

Step 2

Define Your Brand Story 

This is where we delve right into the personality of your brand including niche, background, mission, values, core offer, and target market. 

We’ll clarify your message so that it speaks volumes to  your ideal clients.


Step 3

Write the Copy

We’ll gather all the info together and start writing customer-centered copy, that will position you as the game changer within your space.

We’ll weave relevant keywords to ensure your content is search engine optimised and finalise it with effective copywriting formulas and techniques.  

“On average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy”

David Ogilvy, Author, ‘Confessions of an Advertising Man’ & ‘I Hate Rules’

It’s time to take the next path

..continue your journey..

Be Bold..

Be Brave..

‘Fortune Favours the Brave…right?’

We’ve all heard ..’ It just isn’t the right time..’ 

But deep down, we know there is never a right time..sometimes things just feel right and we just need to take a ‘leap of faith’

If that leap means embarking on the journey of your dreams to start, grow, and transform your sustainable business, then this is it... This is YOUR time...