When Waves Weep

This is the ocean’s tale of a grieving whale … and the image that changed me

It’s quite simple really, it was a Sunday evening………

You know the kind. The family have finished their Sunday Roast, it’s Autumn, and we are snuggled up on the sofa watching our National Treasure ... .Sir David Attenbourough in Blue Planet II.

By the end of the evening, I’d banned cling film, plastic bags and switched to paper based cotton buds, it wasn’t enough but it was something…..small steps right? 

I had to make changes..however small.

The image didn’t just shock me, it also  shocked a nation……a whale carrying her calf for days. It’s death likely to have been caused by plastic. 

‘The Image that changed me….’

If we do nothing, then we could lose it all. The beautiful orchestra of the sea bed will play to us no more. 

The tides are turning, but not in favour of our beautiful oceans and marine life…..quite the opposite. 

You will find plastic in every ocean, you won’t have to look hard for it. 

We live in a throw-away society.

Whilst a huge amount of it ends up in landfill sites, millions of tonnes end up in the sea. 

Ocean currents and surface winds are moving it around the globe. Denser pieces sink to the ocean bed some is thrown up on beaches (the most beautiful and remote)

Plastic objects are being mistaken by wildlife for food and causing enormous suffering. Plastic bags and larger pieces of plastic are blocking the intestines of whales, sea turtles and birds. 

Not just that, but there are other species who are interacting with the oceans to feed their young. 

“Albatrosses have the ability to regurgitate the bits of food they cannot digest” (Lucy Quinn, one of British Antarctic Survey’s Zoologists on Bird Island)

“A healthy chick should have squid and fish in its diet. Last Season, the birds regurgitated bottle caps, wrapping, plastic gloves and large pieces of plastic, one bird brought up an intact light bulb!”

Online data has shown that 34% of animals eat it, 31% live in it, under it or hide in it, and 30% are trapped or become entangled in it.

Almost 70% of all litter in the ocean is plastic…our marine wildlife are literally living off of a sea of plastic soup.  

(Blue Planet II, A New World of Hidden Depths, James Honeyborne and Mark Brownlow)

Years later, I made another change…

I became a CopyWriter a.k.a ‘The Copy Advocate’, positioning myself within the world of sustainability.

I was Inspired by ethical brands with a mission to give back and wanting to create a business, service or product that helps to protect our planet.

If you’re a new and aspiring entrepreneur looking to start a business in the sustainability sector and you’re struggling with: 

  • Sharing your remarkable and inspirational story in a way that compels and sells
  • Expressing your meaningful mission in a money-making word-savvy and customer-centred way
  • Revealing your BIG powerful purpose to preserve and protect the planet, give back through charitable programmes or enrich a community

Perhaps your copy just isn’t pulling its weight..

  • You’re just not capturing the attention of your ideal customers or hitting the right spot when showcasing your incredible mission.
  • It isn’t helping to position you as an authority and gamechanger in your space… even if you’re brand new to sustainability


If you can relate to any of this then just know, you’re not alone. 

Writing captivating words that lead to growth, trip up a lot of small business owners in the sustainability sector. But this doesn’t have to be the case for you.

This is where I come in as The Copy Advocate..

I can help you ethically monetise your story, elevate your brand voice in a natural-sounding way and make meaningful money in your unique way. 

I can help.

Need some help with your messaging? Get in touch…

claire@thecopyadvocate.com or BOOK A CALL 

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